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Student manual

Student Manual

Many students of higher education aren't taught how to write well. This digital Learning to Write Independently course has been designed to change this. The course comprises ten digital programmes, in which different sub-skills can be practised independently.


Every diskit comprises:

  • an explanation
  • a rule (a kind of guideline)
  • a number of short exercises
  • a good example of an answer: the expert version




Step 1: Creating an account

You will find an activation code listed on the inside cover of your book. Students can use this activation code to create an account. If the student has been given a teacher’s code, then he/she may enter the code to link their account with that of their teacher’s. More information on this topic is available in the teacher section.


Step 2: Getting started

To get started, follow the instructions and do the exercises in the order presented in Diskit. Once the student has completed the exercise, they can check immediately their answer. Once an answer has been entered editing is no longer possible. The reason for this is that we are trying to teach students to choose their words carefully and not to work solely based on feedback. Both the answer and the feedback will remain visible after completion of the exercis, to allow them to be used in revision.


Student tracking system

The teacher can follow a student’s activities by means of the student tracking system. This enables the teacher to track that student’s progress and view the answers he or she entered for each Diskit. In order to enable the student to redo the exercises, a teacher may delete the results entered in a particular Diskit. More information on this is available in the teacher section.


Teacher comments

A teacher may add teacher comments to a page in order to point the student to a particular issue in an exercise.

The book Academic Writing Skills for Economics and Business Administration may be used as a reference for looking up the rules of thumb and the notes to these.

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